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Re: Special ice cream in honor of group get together

Gary Francis wrote:

>...a new flavor being introduced this weekend...is  
>TUTTI-FRUTTI ice cream.
Save Me A 2-scoop cup!<g>

>Please send final RSVP's this week (name and number 
>of people attending) so we can have enough corn, 
rolls, etc. on hand. 
Roger Kirk - One person (with the appetite of 1.5)

>Still need pot luck volunteers for chips, soda, 
>potato salad, and desserts (other than ice cream)

Put me down for one large bowl of potatoe salade.
(2 lbs?) It's a recipe from my Mother-In-Law.  It 
has no eggs and a little onion.  I'll leave that 
to others who may wish to bring a bowl of *their*

Also, add Onions and Celery Salt to my condiment list.

Roger Kirk