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Re: Journalism Ethics-Paul Harvey

regarding Paul Harvey News and comment, Mr.Ross asks:
<<Well, what part is news and what part is comment?>>

that's a good question, especially as the 8:30am edition is intro'd as:
(voice of Paul Harvey, jr)
"Paul Harvey News and Comment, brought to you by....
...Now, Paul Harvey News."

he does report the facts and does not always offer comment on them.  
occasionally, as we've all heard, he does wonders with his voice to lend a 
touch of sarcasm or incredulity.  but he does, for the most part, read the 
news.  and he does, for the most part, all of his own live commercials.  has 
done so for years.  and good for him.  not an ounce of credibility appears to 
have been lost, even amongst those of us here on the list.  and if he were 
asked about this "dilema", he'd most likely tell us he sleeps well at 
night... on his Select Comfort... never mind.

- -Chuck Igo