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Re: Journalism Ethics

In a message dated 08/06/2000 11:39:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Jibguy 

<< Rush commonly tells his audience that his 'facts' are the way HE sees 
them, and more impartantly, he says that his show is NOT an unbiased program. 
 Therefore, he is not presenting himself the same as a journalist. >>


   but even so, reporting of the FACTS is reporting, ergo, journalism, and no 
longer commentary. (as we learned in a previous thread about commentators 
and/or columnists offering his/her opinions versus statement of fact.)  and 
although he may offer "his" version of the facts, he also does offer facts 
"not in evidence"; those he deems not reportable by any other organization 
for whatever reason (whether the organization is not possessed of these 
particular facts, or that the organization chooses to not pass the 
particulars along).  
    and as to whether ballplayers as spokespeople or news anchor/reporters as 
spokespeople being apples and oranges, it's not really that different.  you 
have two groups of people doing one specific job then "branching out" into a 
field that is not "naturally" their own.  that's not apples and oranges.
- -Chuck Igo