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Re: Journalism Ethics

Mark wrote:
<<Do you suppose Chet, Nat and the good folks at Ch. 5 were compensated for
their work on the tape? (Worcester Firefighters)>>


    this almost a line of discussion for a thread on talent fees and 
intellectual property.  many managements of businesses either respect the 
idea of their talent seeking and obtaining additional fees for their 
professional abilities which would be applied in situations "out of house", 
or the management feels that "we've paid you once for the work.  that's 
    Dan and I actually worked for a place who felt that if we recorded a 
commercial for air on the station at which we worked, then the "boss" felt 
that we'd already been paid, and it was now his property to with as he 
pleases.  many of the TV types up here in Portland, i've found, have passed 
up some of those ancillary opportunities in lieu of a beefier base salary 
and/or perks (clothing, hair, lunches, free reign over graphics,)  
   i'd be almost willing to bet that the reporters, in the case of the 
Worcester thing, were more than likely not additionally compensated.  The 
Worcester event itself was a tragedy felt beyond Worcester's limits.  i was 
puzzled, though, when the "tape" was offered.  a lasting memorial, perhaps, 
but not the kind of thing one would think to "pop in the VCR and make some 

- -Chuck Igo