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Re: Journalism Ethics

(Dan wrote a nice, thought-out list of things...)


    just because we disagree on this doesn't mean I'm wrong.  this is Maine 
of which we speak.  yeah, Kim and Doug probably get paid pretty well.  but 
you know what?  like you, Dan, they are professionals at what they do, and 
should be paid.  period. although, i will bet you a Bowdoinham Burger that 
Doug gets not one nickel for the sale of the sails.  (part of the job, he was 
probably told.  Bob Eliot never got a nickel in royalties from the sale of 
the Best of Bob's Basement tapes...)
  back to journalists & shilling for schilliings: Does a ballplayers 
endorsement of soda take away from his baseball abilities?  nope.  if a 
newsperson lends his or her abilities to selling a product of which they had 
direct involvement, then good for them, Dan.  they gotta pay the rent too.  
as a broadcaster (current, not former), i am worried about constant 
double-standards.  Professional Athletic salaries?  "Good for them, Chuck.  
It's what the market will bear and pay!".   sorry, they ain't worth the coin 
they're getting.  nobody is worth seven figures a year when our public civil 
servants get a base pay of, what?  40k? (police/fire).   
   not to let this "rant" drift, a newsperson who anchors a "big event", such 
as an OpSail, does not lose credibility in my eyes if he/she winds up on 
screen/voice over inviting viewers who misssed the coverage "live" to 
purchase a commemorative tape.  stations have been doing it for years  (Pat 
Callahan has, Dan, for the past five or six years invited us to pony up the 
bucks for "Newscenter...The Year In Review" or some such title.  where have 
your offended journalistic integrities been up til now? 
   and the newspapaers do it all the time:  want a reprint of a photo or an 
article?  open up your wallet.  the typeset and copy is unsigned, so we the 
reader have no way of knowing if one of the respected print journalists 
actually typed the payment instructions....  same thing.

- -Chuck Igo