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August 12th get-together

We are just one week away from the August 12th unofficial Boston Radio
e-mail List cookout and get together at The Saturday Night Sock Hop.

As previously mentioned, Gary's Ice Cream (site of the cookout and show)
will provide the hamburgers and rolls, the hot dogs and rolls and of course
the ice cream.  The rest is pot luck but we should all sign up so that we
don't end up with aforementioned "40 lbs of potato salad" and nothing else.
My suggestions would be:  potato chips, salad, salad dressings, potato
salad, cole slaw, sausages, kielbasi, corn, condiments, paper plates,
deserts other than ice cream (e.g. cookies, cake, pie, brownies, etc), soda,
(we will provide ice), plastic forks, napkins, Donna has mentioned bringing
along some of the Kosher items, etc.

Of course feel free to add to the list......but as you do I will keep track
so that we don't all pick the same things......you know the dreaded "40 lbs
of potato salad" syndrome. I'll send out regular lists of who is coming and
who is bringing what, O.K.?

Directions to the site from anywhere can be found at:

The live radio show "The Saturday Night Sock Hop with what's-his-name" is
live on AM 980, WCAP from 7 - 10p.m.

-Gary Francis