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Re: Pot luck list get together

Hmmm, August 12th, I'll look into that. That's a good reason as any to visit the
old homestead. I believe I'll be on leave then - I'm back home in Jax, FL. I'll
see if my old jalopy is up to the challenge. If there's any aircheck enthusiasts
I can bring a double tape deck or two and a box of tapes.. Watermelons from
North Carolina on the way through... Gary, do you have maple walnut ice cream?

Ron Gitschier

Gary wrote:

> Why don't we tentatively say Saturday August 12th, weather permitting.
> Directions to Gary's Ice Cream are at:  www.garysicecream.com/directions.htm
> The Saturday Night Sock Hop goes live on WCAP at 7 p.m., so let's say we
> could start the get together anytime after 4.......I'll provide the BBQ grill,
> the chips, hot dogs and rolls, ice and cups and plates......and of course, the
> Let's start a sign up list of what others would bring....so that we don't end
> up with just 40 lbs of potato salad.  I'll also provide the cook.
> How does this date work for everybody - it's just a suggestion.
> -gary francis
> www.sockhop.net
> www.garysicecream.com