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Re: list Get-Together

Donna wrote (on a page that is accessible to entire world...)
<<And I even have some rare oldies in my personal collection-- I could bring 


    are YOU suggesting that it'd be OKAY to bring in some 
Records_From_Home???  wow!  you're my kind of program director!!!!    
(then again, she didn't say Gary would actually have to play them.  we could 
all just kinda sit around, eating our allotted pound of potato salad and look 
at 'em)  

   and the get-together sounds like fun.  i'd have to get permission from the 
slave mas...er, the "home pd".  (sadly, i don't have a life.  i have 
children.  ;-)  )

Chuck Igo (who may have used up his semi-annual hall pass already...)