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Montreal radio observations (fwd)

Half a week fresh back from my one-week vacation to Montreal with a few
radio observations:

CBC-Radio 1 at 88.5FM& SRC 1re Chaine at 95.1FM seem to have improved
their singals from the top of Mt. Royal since I was there last November.
During my last visit there were many coverage holes walking around the
city.  This time, although there was still a hint of multipath, coverage
on both stations was much improved.  

Processing on both still is very thin - it could use some boosting.  Is
there a reason why CBC-1 and SRC-1 sound like talk stations (which for the
most part they are) processed like classical stations?

The prize for most annoying radio station goes to CKGM-Oldies 99AM.
Apparently the whole damned thing is automated.  It has a tight playlist -
I heard "Beach Baby" about 3 times that week on the same station!!!!. 

Between the songs there are incessant promotions for the damned morning
show - even when the promo was for the mid-day deejay!  It seems like the
whole radio station revolves around this morning jock (who sounds like
he's on quaaludes). CKGM sounds like a station that should already be put
out of its misery - is there ANYONE listening to it?