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RE: The "Forgotten" Demographic

Note: I am posting this on behalf of Mark Strickert
(who may join the list at some point). He may be
reached at zineland@yahoo.com:

Despite the growing population bulge in 50+, radio
and its advertisers are
more afraid than ever to even appear to be
attracting any listeners/customers above the age of
49.  Also, there are people well below that
age-ceiling who enjoy an occasional listen to old
radio shows and music recorded before 1964. 

His name is Ed Rothhaar, but that's hard to tell
from his handwriting, eh?
It's harder for me to tape his weekly -hour "I
Remember Radio" show
Saturdays, 6pm on KVCR, San Bernardino CA) now that
I live in Orange county, but I will certainly try
especially when a show or topic of interest
pops up.  I do record "I Remember Television" at
least once each week, for my tape-trader in Chicago
and sometimes also for Bob in Massachusetts (you
want more often?).  It now runs twice weekly on
KVCR-TV, also in San Bernardino, but fortunately I get
that on my cable system.  Looks like they will also be
running on weekday mornings, though these would
conflict with a show I record for myself.
Another source for old radio shows would be KNX in
Los Angeles.  They don't get out very well for a Class
1-A clear, with so many other stations on 1070
in the US and Canada, but if you have any kind of
shot at their signal, or wish to trade tapes with
yours truly, check out their page at
http://www.knx1070.com/program/drama.html for
program information.

Another "clear channel" station, WMAQ in Chicago has
run old radio at night, but will be quitting with the
switch to WSCR soon. WBBM is supposed to pick them up,
including the "When Radio Was" show Bob mentioned, but
when and at what times/dates I know not.  Otherwise,
in Chicago and Milwaukee areas your best bet would be
Chuck Sheaden's long-running "Those Were the Days",
from 1-5pm on WNIZ and WNIZ (97.1 and 96.9,

--Mark Strickert,

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