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Re: The "Forgotten" Demographic

I'm "only" 38, but I like hearing some of the old
standards as well as old time radio and old time TV.
There's a guy named Ed Rottharr (sp?) at KVCR-FM
and KVCR-TV in San Bernadino/Riverside, California
who does shows named "I Remember Radio" and "I
Television" on those stations. He plays back the
classic old-time radio and TV shows ("Duffy's Tavern",
"Dragnet", old game shows like "64,000 Question",
"Red Skelton", etc.). Info at http://kvcr.org
(Have caught some of these shows via a tape trader
in those parts.)

Wouldn't mind hearing a show like that go nationwide.
Of course, we _do_ have Stan Freberg's "When Radio
Was" (I think WDIS out in Norfolk was running that
for awhile?)

The baby-boomer generation is growing older, folks
(a certain Liverpudlian drummer just turned 60!),
and some of us like the older music and radio TV

> I'd like to point out a new Web Site aimed
> specifically at the 55+ age 
> bracket.  It includes entertainment including TV and
> special sections 
> on "Radio" and "Classic Radio".  The Radio section
> links to WBUR and
> WBEC (not yet finished) .  The Classic Radio section
> links to 
> "Radio Days", "When Radio Was", "Yesterday USA" and 
> "The Vintage Library"
> http://www.sageport.com

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