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Nashua Pride emergency announcers

This past Saturday was supposed to be a scheduled
night off for regular Nashua Pride broadcaster John
Collins. Not that the Pride didn't have a ball game to
be aired. John has a day off about once every two
weeks to play softball (or other things). Peter
Carrier (or is it Pete Terrier) of WGIR usually
covers. Pete was announced ahead of time to be
announcing this game. Whether through crossed
communications or an emergency, there was no one to
broadcast the game. 

In  stepped Nashua Telegraph newspaper reporter Tom
King and PA announcer Ken Cail to do the play by play.
It was interesting as Ken did a couple of innings solo
and was doing the PA and radio announcing
simultaneously. I have portions of this game on file,
it anyone needs a clip of Ken Cail saying "you're
listening to Nashua Pride Baseball on WSMN Nashua".


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