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Channel 5 and DC

Actually, the WTTG transmitter is, like all the Washington VHFs,
within the District limits, right behind the studio building on
Wisconsin Ave.  WRC-TV is at its studio on Nebraska Ave, while WUSA
and WJLA (9 and 7) share a tower above the old channel 9 Broadcast
House at Brandywine and (I think) Wisconsin.  (All three sites are in
the northwest part of the District, which is fairly hilly).

DC's UHF stations are mostly in Virginia; WDCA (20, UPN) and WETA (26,
PBS) share a candelabra in Arlington behind the WDCA studios, and I
think WTMW (14) is nearby.  WPXW (66, Pax) is out near Manassas
somewhere.  WBDC (50, WB) is on a very distinctive-looking
self-supporting tower off Georgia Avenue near the Silver Spring line;
you can see an image of another similar stick (WSTR Cincinnati) at
Jim Hawkins' site:


I have no idea where WHUT Channel 32, the Howard University station,
is.  (Wait, yes I do -- according to the maps at dcrtv.com, it's on
the 20/26 candelabra.)

What did this have to do with Boston radio, again? :-)