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Changes at WBOQ?

WWW.RADIODIGEST.COM is reporting that Kendall Buhl,
formerly of WESX-AM 1230 is joining the morning crew at
WBOQ-FM 104.9 Gloucester before the end of the month.
This is apparently the first step leading to a re-
vamped format for WBOQ in at least morning drive.
There will be less emphasis on music and more news and
features.  There have been RUMORS on this site that
WESX may be sold only to be taken off the air to 
allow a move of WKOX-AM 1200 closer to Boston.  
(Clea Simon...if you want to keep your job at the
Glob don't pass this on!) If this were to happen, 
WBOQ could become a primary news and information 
station for the North Shore.  They'd better
keep the Met, though...I can't get WHRB clearly
in stereo!

Laurence from Methuen

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