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Re: Radio and TV call signs

Just to clarify the West Coast situation...

There was actually a gap of more than two decades between the
call changes at NBC and CBS in Los Angeles.

It was in the early 1960s that NBC moved the KNBC calls down from
680 in San Francisco (which became KNBR) to channel 4 in Los
Angeles (which had been KRCA since the mid-50s and KNBH before that).

It wasn't untill 1983 or 1984, IIRC, that CBS persuaded the FCC to
allow the same base call to be used on different services in different
markets, thus allowing KNXT to become KCBS-TV.

(KNXT, BTW, was *not* CBS's original LA affiliate.  The network
first signed up with the LA Times' KTTV, channel 11, changing 
course in 1950 when Don Lee was willing to sell KTSL Channel 2,
the descendant of his early TV experiments.)

Just to close the circle, KABC in Los Angeles was the old KECA,
with calls derived from car dealer Earle C. Anthony, who owned both
KFI (the Red Network affiliate) and KECA (the Blue).  KECA was on
1430, which would have moved to 1460 in the NARBA shift -- but somewhere
in there it won the 790 frequency instead.  1460 ended up with fairly
low power down in Inglewood, today's KTYM.  KECA-TV was the original
call on channel 7 when it debuted in 1948, changing to KABC-TV a
few years later (I'm guessing 1953?)

Oh, I'm sorry -- were we talking about Boston Radio here? ;-)