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Re: WBZ overnights

Kevin O'Keefe was indeed a Dan Donovan doing PM drive on Wimmex.  WBZ  hired 
him away to do PM drive as Kevin O'Keefe (neither are real names, of course), 
then found that he had, as Chris Sullivan pointed out, a great voice but zero 
personality as a jock.  Evidently he worked well with liner cards but could 
not adlib in the BZ style.  BZ realized this and swapped Kevin's shift with 
overnighter Jefferson Kaye.  The all-night show known as Club JK became Club 
O'K.   Kaye did PM drive for about 2 1/2 years, then went to Buffalo as PD of 
WKBW.  Buffalo Ron Landry replaced him in PM drive.  O'Keefe left and went to 
WHDH as Skyway Patrol traffic reporter, replacing Bruce Talford.  He became a 
traffic legend.  On BZ O'Keefe was replaced by Dick Summer, who did 
Nightlight for about five years.