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Re: Fw: WBZ overnights

dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> He most certainly did. I believe that he died of throat
> cancer, and he carried on even when he was almost unable
> to speak! I guess that many people would put that under
> the heading of incredible courage. However, having lived
> through my wife's death from leukemia in 1988, I think
> that, in many cases, such behavior is more a matter of
> just putting one foot in front of the other and trying
> to carry on as normally as possible for as long as
> possible. Carrying on is certainly a damned site better
> than dissolving into self pity, and I think it says a
> lot about a person's character.
> > Did Lou Marcel (Al St. Onge) do overnights on WBZ just prior to his
> > death? df

Dan - My hat off to you regarding your wife.  As for Lou, although I
only met him once, he seemed to be quite a guy.  He used to voice the
liners used at WJUL (91.5, Lowell) for the ULowell Chiefs Hockey
broadcasts.  He did it purely as a favor and always gave them his
all.  Some of the chatter on the head=end of the reels with Lou
chatting or prepping the copy were hysterical.  He seemed to have a
great sense of humor.  THAT can't hurt during times of struggle,

Bill O'Neill