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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 6/23: CRTC Picks Three in Toronto

>From NERW 6/23/00:

> New Hampshire Public Radio
> was still having STL audio dropouts, though not enough to keep us from
> hearing an ID for "WEXC Berlin."  Funny, we though the former WXLQ was
> licensed a few miles south to Gorham...
Yes, it was, but ever since NHPR announced its agreement to take over
WXLQ (5/19/99) it has referred to 107.1 as a Berlin station.  I was
curious what I'd hear when WEVC actually signed on (1/22/00), and it has
consistently been ID'd as Berlin.  Unfortunately, more than one NHPR
announcer has trouble pronouncing Berlin correctly (the accent is on the
first syllable) so they might have been better off sticking with Gorham
(although I can think of a few ways they could mess that up, too).

I just received the latest NHPR version of the "Passport to Public
Radio" flyer which lists NPR affiliates nationwide (plus Guam and
Saipan).  WEVC is listed as Gorham/Berlin inside.  Although the flyer
claims to have been updated in March, WPNI (1430 Amherst MA) and WBTN
(1370 Bennington VT) are not listed.

A couple weekends ago I noticed WEVO (89.1 Concord NH) back in
stereo--that must have happened sometime in the last two or three
weeks.  It had been mono for several weeks starting when those STL
problems were at their worst back on May 11.  They're not out of the
woods yet--on July 4th WEVO brought listeners the soothing sounds of an
unmodulated carrier for several hours during the day.