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Cub Koda

Am trying to confirm that Brownsville Station lead
singer Cub Koda, who once did a show on WCGY if I
remember right, has passed away. WRKO's "Virgin Boy"
mentioned that a "Richard Koda, of the band
Brownsville Station" had died (this was during
Howie Carr Show), and someone posted a message on an
internet bulletin board saying that Koda had died at
the age of 51. 

Again, I cannot confirm the death at this time. (Koda
also had written a column for Goldmine magazine,
"The Vinyl Junkie", and co-wrote the book "Blues For
Dummies" with blues artists Lonnie Brooks and 
Ronnie Baker Brooks.) Brownsville Station had a hit
in the early 70s, "Smokin' in the Boys Room".

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