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Re: the real "all girl station" and WNAC history

If I recall, the NAB started out as the NAB, then became the NARTB, and
still leter reverted to its original name.
The trade publication, Broadcasting, started out as Broadcasting, later
became Broadcasting-Telecasting, and still later became Broadcasting and
Cable. I should know the current title, but I don't; the magazine is owned
by my employer, Cahners Business Information. The magazine is either still
Broadcasting and Cable or has gone back to just Broadcasting.

Cahners itself has a rather interesting name history. It was founded in
Boston after World War II by Norman Cahners and Sol Goldweitz as Cahners
Publishing, the name it still had when it was acquired in, I think, the
early 80s by the British conglomerate Reed PLC. Reed then divested all of
its businesses aside from publishing and in the 90s combined in a rather
unusual way with Dutch publisher Elsevier NV, to become Reed Elsevier (no
hyphen). Reed and Elsevier remain separate companies, however. Reed stock
trades on the London exchange; Elsevier stock trades on the Amsterdam
exchange; and American Drawing Rights (ADRs) in Reed Elsevier trade on the
NYSE. However, after years of a British/Dutch co-presidency, there is now a
single CEO. A few years ago, Cahners was to change its name to Reed Elsevier
Business Information. If that change actually took place, it lasted only
very briefly--just long enough for me to notifiy the trade organizations I
belong to and the magazines to which I subscribe. Much to the relief of the
company's sales force, the name was then changed to Cahners Business
Information (a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier Inc, the US subsidiary of Reed

I guess we've had almost as many names as the parent of a lot of stations
that are now or will soon be part of Clear Channel. I think that, somewhere
on the Web, you can track all of the companies that have merged to form
Clear Channel.


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On 3 Jul 2000,  Donna Halper wrote:

> Dan's point is a good one, but interestingly, the NAB absolutely DID exist
> and Shepard was one of its founders.  But the call letters WNAB pre-dated
> it by a year, so I guess they never complained. (The NAB was founded in
> 1923.)

But were they called the NAB at the time?  I remember back in the 1950s,
they were called the "NARTB," which stood for "National Association of
Radio and Television Broadcasters."  I imagine they might have at one time
been called the "NARB," though I've never actually heard of that name.

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