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Re: Replacing Stephanie Miller

--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Stephanie Miller's syndicated show went off the air on
> Friday, and I was curious to see what WRKO put in her
> old 10 pm to midnight slot. Sounded like a syndicated
> financial advice show hosted by Clark Howard. Not
> exactly what I like, but some may go for that sort 
> of stuff. Not sure if this is temporary or permanent.

This is permanent. I guess there's a demand for his kind of consumer
advice programming from a 30-55 age demographic. WSB's owner Cox Radio
uses syndicator Jones Radio Network to send Howard to 90 markets.
Since going nationwide in 1/99, Howard's growing network now includes some
key markets including #2 --LA(KFI) -- Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit
and Seattle. He originates from Braves' flagship WBS AM 750/Atlanta weekdays
from 1 to 6pm(first hour is taped, the next two are heard live(taped
by WRKO) for the network feed and the last two are for the local
Atlanta market only). 

> Wouldn't mind at all if WRKO had a local show take
> over that slot...

No chance.

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