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Re: WBOS Disco93

1270 ? perhaps? It was at 1270 Comm Ave in Brighton...

Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 7/3/00 8:10:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, RWalker653 writes:
> << I'm curious to know more about how the club jock did the mix on the air. I
> know the technology was a little less advanced than it is now, weren't there
> just awful mixes on the air? Did the turntables even have an adjustable pitch
> control?
>   >>
> The mixes were very professional.  Turntables were pitch-adjustable; they HAD
> to be, in order to do the mixes.  Mixers (mostly guys and one gal) were
> brought in from the top 'clubs' at the time.   One of the clubs was called
> "1250 Club" or "12-something" I can't remember. (Not a radio frequency, nor
> was I ever there.).  Therefore, all 20 or 25-minute sets sounded like the
> same song, and the average person would not know that 3 or 4 disco songs were
> merged together.  And they (club DJ's) did it with finesse.
> ---jibguy