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Re: WBOS Disco93

In a message dated 7/3/00 8:10:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, RWalker653 writes:

<< I'm curious to know more about how the club jock did the mix on the air. I 
know the technology was a little less advanced than it is now, weren't there 
just awful mixes on the air? Did the turntables even have an adjustable pitch 

The mixes were very professional.  Turntables were pitch-adjustable; they HAD 
to be, in order to do the mixes.  Mixers (mostly guys and one gal) were 
brought in from the top 'clubs' at the time.   One of the clubs was called 
"1250 Club" or "12-something" I can't remember. (Not a radio frequency, nor 
was I ever there.).  Therefore, all 20 or 25-minute sets sounded like the 
same song, and the average person would not know that 3 or 4 disco songs were 
merged together.  And they (club DJ's) did it with finesse.