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--- Paul Hopfgarten <hopfgapr@sprynet.com> wrote:

> Interesting follow-up.....although I realize they (WBOT) got a decent winter
> book (1.2) in Boston for a brand new under 50kw suburban outlet, if appears
> they may not be getting quite the traction in Boston Proper they'd hoped.

Actually, 2.6 in 18-34.

> The afternoon DJ was encouraging people to call...and lamented that all the
> callers were from Brockton...he was wondering aloud where all the 'boys from
> the Rox(bury) were?'

For what it's worth, at night, Lamar Robinson proved Chuck Dogg
wrong. He asked the callers to name the area code and the town
they were calling from. They took about 30 calls
in a row. Most listeners were from Boston and surrounding
towns -- Boston(Dorchester, JP, Roxbury, South End, Mattapan),
Randolph, Milton,Braintree. There were only a handful
callers from Brockton and Providence that time around...

One thing which I think is pretty cool w/Hot 97-7 is
that they have 3 mix DJs in the studio working with
each one of their jocks and everything is
mixed live on the air. None of that pre-mixed stuff
playing off a DAT machine which Jamn 94-5 does three
times a day(8, noon and 5)....At times, WBOT still sounds
very raw and unpolished, almost like a college station.
It is a welcome addition to the for-the-most-part
plastic and corporate sounds of Boston's commercial
radio dial.


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