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<<Dan Billings wrote:
Chuck Dog?  That's very close to Chuck Igo.  I'd like to hear Chuck on an 
urban station.>>


    i am on an urban station.  WROR in Boston.  Boston is more Urban that 
Bowdoinham, no?  <g>
    coincidentally, our toll free number here (800 468 1057 or 800 HOT 1057) 
rings in from all over the country, including the misdialers from Alabama who 
seem to think we play "Back That B---- Up" and the like.  the toll-free for 
HOT 105 down there is an "877" area, and we get their requests all the time.  
JJ was ready to whoop me one upside my head the other night for trying to 
shine on one of the callers by affecting an "urban 'tude & slang". 

- -Chuck Igo (no relations to Chuck Roast, Chuck Wagon, or Chuck Dog...)