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Re: WCRB (programming)

On 30 Jun 2000,  Dan Strassberg wrote:

> But in the US, the FCC used to require licenseees to provide a minimal
> amount of news and public affairs programming. To my knowledge, the FCC
> never specified what kind of public affairs programming. And "lifestyle
> news", which is arguably not news at all, could have satisfied the news
> requirement. In my opinion, both radio and the listening public are much
> the poorer for the elimination of that requirement. I know the opposing
> argument--that in most markets there are enough signals to fulfill the
> public's need for news and public affairs. Still, requiring all stations to
> broadcast news, even to an uninterested public, in my mind, was a good
> thing, and was consistent with granting private broadcasters licenses to
> use the the public airwaves.

Amen!  I, for one, learned quite a lot about the world by listening to the 
regular news broadcasts on WCOP, our teenage Top-40 station.  Especially 
since the news was better done then, on a station aimed at teenagers, than 
it is today on WBZ.

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