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Re: WCRB (programming)

>But also, let's keep in mind that as a priority:  'board of directors and
>stockholders; keeping them happy'  is not necessarily being a good public
>trustee of a sliver of the airwaves spectrum.

Well, truth is...it's a balancing act accomplishing the BOTH.

It's the risk capital that is put forth by the board/stockholders that fuels
the ability to serve the public.  (Or we could always go to a system where
the governemnet/tax $$$ fund broadcasting efforts.)

But stockholders won't be happy unless listeners are happy too.

Let's keep in mind that WCRB is one of the most SUCESSFUL Classical music
stations in the COUNTRY...not only by their revenues and profits...but by
the VAST numbers of people documented to be enjoying the station day after

They have succedeed in bringing classical music to many, many people who
wouldn't have been exposed to it otherwise.

A case could be made that more people are enjoying classical music by WCRB
now...than were in the "Ted Jones" era.