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Inside "Inside Washington"

I wondered what was going on (or, rather, what *wasn't* going on) with
"Inside Washington" on New Hampshire Public Television.  Apparently I'm not
the only one who was wondering, because this is what I got in response to
my query to NHPTV Viewer Services:


Thanks for your feedback about Inside Washington.  Unfortunately, it is no
longer in distribution to PBS stations.  We have contacted the distributors
to find out if there are any alternate ways that viewers could see their
production, but have nothing to report at this time.  I will add your name
to a list of people to notify once I have more information.

Liz Werth
Viewer Services

"Inside Washington," which had been a public TV staple for years, is
produced by Gannett's W*USA-TV.  Its host, Gordon Peterson, got his start
in broadcasting at WNEB/Worcester and WEEI/Boston.  He's also a Holy Cross
grad.  I'm trying to convince the powers that be at WCSH-TV/Portland
(another Gannett property) to see if their parent company's in-house
production will ever again see the light of day in Northern New England
save a few pirated broadcasts from D.C.

Take care,