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Re: Dark station in Presque Isle, Maine

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> Does Alan Weiner still own WBCQ?  Was the FCC giving him problems with the
> other two stations before he started that big pirate out on the LI Sound
> (Radio NewYork International/Radio Sarah)?  I wonder why they were giving
> him problems - what's the FCC's beef with Weiner?

Well, the people that make up the FCC now are not the same people who were
when the m/v Sarah was busted back in 1987. WBCQ is o9nly 2 1/2 years
old. Weiner still owns WBCQ and takes care of the business end of
everything, and has a couple of workers up in Monticello board opping for
him. The FCC started to threated to take the licences for WREM and WMPG in
the early 90's after a couple more pirate attempts, it was at that point
in time Allan signed the stations over to Dr. Rish.....

A good book to read is Allan's book "Access to the Airwaves." Whilw it's
mostly Allan's life story......much of his life has involved stories of
pirate radio stations and the such....he worked for ABC who fired him when
they found out he was running a pirate station, not because it was
illegal, but because they felt threatened that they would losr ratings. 

I don't think the FCC gave him two much trouble about the AMs until he
started building the radio ships.....

If you ever get a chance to visit WBCQ then do it......There is so much
killer radio equipment in storage up there it is insane. In my time
working at WREM (which is currently located at the same facility) I saw
several diehard SW fanatics come to check the place out....it amazed me
where they were driving from too....Florida, Maryland, etc.... And hell
WBCQ has great rates for airtime as well if anyone gets inspired to do a
show on Shortwave.....