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Re: Dark station in Presque Isle, Maine

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Andy Soule wrote:

> The station co-located with WBCQ is WREM, and did simulcast WEGP a while
> ago.
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> Date: Thursday, June 22, 2000 3:00 PM
> Subject: Dark station in Presque Isle, Maine
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> >I'm also wondering whether this is the same station that's affiliated with
> >WBCQ (The Planet) and whether that's another station that's also in
> >trouble.

WREM, WBCQ, and WEGP were all owned by Allan Weiner (although technically
WEGP and WREM were owned by DR. Rish when Weiner signed the stations over
to Rish when the FCC was giving him some problems). WREM is running a rock
format for the time being....I am one of the "jocks" there (although I
actually live in Southern Maine, due to lack of making money the jocks
just recorded a lot of voice tracks) if Jason, who is leasing the station
from Weiner, has gotten around to actually getting the voicetracks
in..... WREM is supposed to be online at www.live365.com, however I have
never gotten a good connection with it. If anyone gets it to work and you
listen for awhile, let me know what you think.....positive and negative
feedback is cool, I'll pass it all onto Jason.