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WJUL Among the MIssing

WJUL 91.5 FM, Lowell has been off-the-air for at least
2 days.  I first noticed it Sunday June 18th.  There
was an unfortunate accident that afternoon, so I had
to take Rt 93 to 495 to 3 to get down to the Boston
area.  Just for the fun of it, I tuned in to WUNH 91.3
Durham, NH, which has new transmitting facilities 
including a directional antenna.  It came in very well
on 495 except while in the RF shadow thrown by Wood Hill
W. Andover (home of the WKLB tower). Along the open,
flat area near the former home of Wang (where I used
to work...a moment of silence)

OK, I'll be all right.  Any way, WUNH was loud and 
clear with good stereo right to Rt 3 almost to the WRKO
towers, then possibly the 91.3 in Framingham blitzed
it. I checked again today, and noticed something 
unusual.  WPAA 91.7 Philips Academy, Andover broadcasts
an unmodulated carrier.  Did the kids go home and forget
to turn off the transmitter?  And does anybody in the
Swindle I mean Spindle City know whaaazzup at WJUL?

Laurence from Methuen 

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