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Re: Robert J Obsequies

lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> There has been only one entry so far about the death
> of Robert J. Lurtsema.  It appears that most visitors
> to this sites are rockers and perhaps are unfamiliar
> with his work.  

Just caught the paid ad/tribute in the Herald.  Hadn't heard.  I'm

The best show opener of all time? Morning Pro Musica and Robert J's
bird/environments sounds with the quiet fade in of music.  

Best radio editorial of all time?  During the Reagan years, Robert J,
("Edited and reported by your Morning Pro Musica Host...") reported on
some Reagan gaff in an early story.  At the end of the cast, he
paused... And now.. this Morning Pro Musica Program Editorial.  (Huge
pause).. "Ronald..... Reagan." (deep sigh and you could just see him
shrug his shoulders then onto the show.)  

Rest in Peace

Bill... O'Neill