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Re: Carts!

I've been working at WMWM (Salem State Radio) for
almost 20 years, and we're still using carts. Some for
IDs, promos, PSAs, "donorships", and even some for
full-length songs (local band tapes). Usually I have
to double check to make sure they're re-cued. If not:
"we'll be right back after this...oops, well, I guess
that public service annoucement isn't quite ready

WMWM has 3 single cart decks in our on-air studio
and they have fast-forward buttons for those times
when someone hasn't recued a cart (so you can always
throw another cart on or talk for a minute while the
cart fast-forwards to the cue point.)

Bob Nelson
Sundays 12-3 pm 
WMWM Salem, MA
(And doing a fill-in for the
local show on WNSH 1570
Sat 6/24 6-8 pm...)

> CARTS????  CARTS????!!!!!
> What are those?
> Gary Ford
> (One who has worked in broadcasting long enough to
> remember using one for 
> each spot

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