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Re: Another AM over and out and BACK

Just like Richard Nixon, WEGP keeps coming back...

I hear WEGP may have found a buyer after all.  Mac Smith, who was a sales
manager up there, and also worked in NH/Vt area a while ago.
Andy Soule
Efax# 801-457-2555 - www.geocities.com/doctorradio
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From: Roderick O'Connor <rjoc@webtv.net>
To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2000 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: Another AM over and out

>Ref. deceased AM stations in Maine.: According to Bangor Daily News
>weekly entertainment guide radio listings (of questionable accuracy)
>they list WSYY 1240AM Millinocket simulcasting WSYY-FM 94.9's country
>format. Also listed in new 2000 M-Street directory as FM simulcast.
>Sidenote: I still can't understand how they got 94.9  with WHOM formerly
>putting out such a strong signal in Northern ME..Just noted again this
>afternoon driving up 95 how they really kill WHOM's signal east of
>Waterville, and totally take over 94.9 north and east of Bangor.
>Haven't been to Millinocket in ages but should take a trip up there to
>confirm status of WSYY AM..Do remember they got burned out about 10-15
>years back.;.also want to check out what's left of the old Christian
>Science Monitor Shortwave site at Greenbush, ME.
>Rod O'Connor
>Southwest Harbor, Maine

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