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Fwd: Re: Tower visible, station inaudible

 ---- you wrote: 
> Laurence:
> You wanna hear a station that really has a dir-pattern that you can
> barely hear at night?
> Travel down Route 3 to Cape Cod, and try tuning in WPLM-1390 as you get
> to Kingston and Plymouth. It used to be you could only get them, at
> night, from  the Route 3A-80 junction, 2 miles north of the towers...yet
> the 400' towers and lights can easily be seen 15 miles north up Route 3
> in Norwell and Pembroke (Where I used to live in 50s/60s)
> And the signal doesn't do well even in its' prime southerly
> direction..usually half-gone when you get to the Canal. (My sister lives
> in Sagamore)
Speaking of stations in the 13's...at one point on the
Mass Pike eastbound, one can see the topmost lights
on the towers of WORC 1310 am COL Worcester, xmmtr
Auburn, Mass.  Most nights when I've tuned in to the
frequency at that point there's nothing but a jumble 
of stations on that very crowded wavelength.

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