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the River Rave

On Ch. 4's Sat. 11 pm newscast, they talked about 
the many arrests at the River Rave concert in Foxboro.
I half-expected the news item to close with, "the
concert was sponsored by radio station WBCN" but I
think they just said "...sponsored by a local radio
station". WBCN was not mentioned (directly). Of
course, WBCN is WBZ-TV's sister station; at least one
Ch. 4 personality, Bob Lobel, appeared at the event.

Probably to be expected. Maybe if there were no
arrests, they would have mentioned WBCN. (By the way,
I think the event may have started near the Charles
River, years ago--but it was strange that they still
called it the River Rave even though it was at Foxboro
Stadium. You would think the title of the event would
make people think about a _different_ FM station that
uses "(the) River" as its nickname.)

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