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Larry Glick return to Boston radio on a regular basis

It'll only be for an hour a week, and the 33 of those famous 38 states will
have to pick him up on the Web, but according to the announcement I heard at
the close of the WMEX 1060's Original Trivia Show this afternoon, Larry
Glick begins a one-hour weekly show on WMEX next Sunday, from 4:00 to 5:00
PM. As I theorized here at the time, I guess his guest appearances last
month on WMEX and WBZ _were_ some sort of informal test of how well his
appeal has held up.

By December, although WMEX will be able to stay on the air past the 5:00 PM
end of the show (the station's extended daytime schedule allows it ro remain
on the air until two hours past local sunset--6:15 PM in December; 6:30 in
November and January), the _really_ low power currently allowed after
Philadelphia sunset will limit the over-the-air (i.e. non-Web) coverage
the show's last half hour to the area within a mile or so from the
transmitter. (Philadelphia sunset seems to occur 15 minutes after Framingham
sunset year-round.) Perhaps WMEX will receive a higher power post-sunset
authorization when and if the FCC ever gets around to issuing a license to
cover the CP for 40 kW-D/22 kW-CH/DA-2D under which WMEX currently


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