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Re: Another AM over and out

Ref. deceased AM stations in Maine.: According to Bangor Daily News
weekly entertainment guide radio listings (of questionable accuracy)
they list WSYY 1240AM Millinocket simulcasting WSYY-FM 94.9's country
format. Also listed in new 2000 M-Street directory as FM simulcast.

Sidenote: I still can't understand how they got 94.9  with WHOM formerly
putting out such a strong signal in Northern ME..Just noted again this
afternoon driving up 95 how they really kill WHOM's signal east of
Waterville, and totally take over 94.9 north and east of Bangor.
Haven't been to Millinocket in ages but should take a trip up there to
confirm status of WSYY AM..Do remember they got burned out about 10-15
years back.;.also want to check out what's left of the old Christian
Science Monitor Shortwave site at Greenbush, ME.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine