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GBH Program Guide

My copy of the WGBH/WGBX-TV Program Guide arrived in the
snail-mail this week, and it contained some interesting
Some have noticed a diminution of the over-the-air 
signal of WGBX-TV44.  Maybe channel 2 too (as in
ballet attire).  This notice has been appearing in 
the Guide for several months;  I meant to refer to it
earlier, but didn't...so here goes.  I quote:
"As major construction continues on our Needham TV tower
(in ordewr to ready WGBH for digital broadcasting), non-
cable subscribing viewers who live a distance from 
Needham may continue to experience dinished reception
of 'GBH Select 44*.  Some minimal intereference with
'GBH-2 reception also may occur.  We hope to have the 
project completed very soon - and the signals for 
'GBH-2 and 'GBH Select 44* stronger than ever.  WGBH
apologizes for any inconvenience."
*'GBH Select 44 is the name the folks on Western Ave
have given to channel 44.  Too cute for words.
Also, June is the month for the channel 2 auction.  The
Guide lists some of the underwriters for certain 
segments of the auction;  a major underwriter of the 
"quickie boards" is WTKK 96.9FM Talk.  All those paid
ads with Mike Barnicle got them diddley-squat, so they
apparently are going the "listener supported " route
(a slogan they're using on their own air; what
And in conclusion, WNAN appears for the first time with
a grid for FM 91.1, Nantucket (just daytimes for no
apparent reason).  A lot of NPR news, a local talk-
show (can't have a WGBH-connected outlet carrying WBUR's
"The Connection" and the finest use of radio yet 
contrived by the mind of man: "Wait,Wait...Don't
Tell Me."

Laurence from Methuen

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