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Re: Chet and Nat's Swan Song?

Joseph Gallant wrote:

> To allow WCVB one last "moment of glory" (read: a high-rated 
> newscast), the station might announce the split today (May 23rd),
> make Chet and Nat's last newscast together tommorow (May 24th)
> at 11 P.M. (the last night of the May sweeps), and then
> "promote the heck out of it" over the next 30 or so hours!
> Thus, Chet and Nat would get one last big ratings spike,
> which could help WCVB as the sweeps end.

Wow.  That's got to be the one of most utterly tasteless promotional ideas I've ever heard.  And in the world of broadcasting, that's saying something. 

Mark Laurence