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Chet and Nat's Swan Song?

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Given what was in yesterday's (May 22nd) Boston Herald Inside Track
column, it appears that WCVB-5 is about to professionally split-up Chet
and Nat and that, according to the column, there is much speculation
that one or both might leave WCVB.

If WCVB were to split-up Chet and Nat, they could still get one last
moment of glory before the split.

To allow WCVB one last "moment of glory" (read: a high-rated newscast),
the station might announce the split today (May 23rd), make Chet and
Nat's last newscast together tommorow (May 24th) at 11 P.M. (the last
night of the May sweeps), and then "promote the heck out of it" over the
next 30 or so hours! Thus, Chet and Nat would get one last big ratings
spike, which could help WCVB as the sweeps end.

While this would be a optimal way to allow Chet and Nat to go out with a
"bang", I don't know if WCVB would pull this off now, to allow the
"farewell" to climax a sweeps period. If they do, it probably would be
because WCVB's 11 P.M. ratings could surpass WHDH-7's to win the May
sweeps with just one "boffo" (read: wins the time period running away)

A couple of questions: Who would man the anchor desk for WCVB's rumored
all-day live coverage of the Tall Ships Parade in Boston Harbor on July
11th? (Heather Kahn and Anthony Everett?) And who would host the local
segments of the MDA telethon on Labor Day? (If not Chet and/or Nat, I'd
guess it could be Dick Albert, maybe joined by Frank Avruch, both of
whom have done extensive fundraising work for MDA in the Boston area
over the years)

Joseph Gallant
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