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Re: Fwd: Re: Movement atop WBZ-TV tower

On Mon, 22 May 2000 lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> 850 feet?  The antennas for channels 5 and 2 were in
> place this whole time, and they're 980 and 1080 feet
> respectively.

According to Bob Hess, the tower was cut back to 850 feet. The old WCRB
antenna was at 920 feet, and it and the section on which it was mounted
disappeared on April 3.

> CBS seems to have been in a hurry to
> evict WCRB from its tower, only to put off rebuilding
> for a long time, as you described.

Bob Hess told me the project was originally scheduled for the summer of
1998, and when that didn't happen I received a letter from CBS in New York
ordering us to vacate the premises by November 30.

Rob Landry