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Re: Yoda teaches (was: Subtle Changes at WBZ)

In a message dated 05/20/2000 10:52:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sven@gordsven.com writes:

<< What's the "touch and slip" cue?  I was never one of those brave ones :) >>


   you'd start the turntable, drop the needle, and when you heard the first 
sound, back it off slightly, while applying enough pressure on the vinyl to 
hold the disc still while still allowing the table to keep spinning.  like 
driving at 50, drop it into neutral, then, at the bottom of the hill, slip it 
back into drive...  
  the challenge was to be able to do that with one hand, while the other was 
working both the mic and other pots (you'd have one pot up playing a source, 
and the second pot ready to go up so as to avoid the "rumble" from the table 
turning under the disc)
   not for the faint of heart, but once you get used to it, there's nothing 
else like it!  it's an art still employed by club jox who still use vinyl... 
surely you remember watching the slickly dressed dude in the polyester shirt 
at the disco working the beat on beat mix???

- -Chuck (i was an underage nightclub dj in 1975) Igo