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Re: Subtle Changes at WBZ

Yes, regrettable what has become of Stephanie's show.
She's in a weird situation where she does the show
L.A. (Anaheim, actually) but has no affiliate there.
She was dropped in Atlanta when WCNN was sold and went
religious. And her only Web "presence", KAOK in
Louisiana, also dropped her so until WRKO gets its
website/streaming audio up, you can't even hear her
on the Web.

Good idea: having voice guys Jim Ward and Carlos
Alazaraqui (aka the Taco Bell Chihuahua!) as
Bad idea: doing "open phones" instead of focusing on
topics. Also, she's degenerated into scatalogical
humor (enough about her passing gas, already!) and
yes, there are much fewer callers. For some reason
though, she keeps getting telemarketer calls (and
she doesn't usually screen calls) so she likes to
chat with the telemarketer, pretending to be a
homeowner who really _is_ interested in buying
vinyl siding. (I thought the FCC required hosts
to TELL callers if their calls are going out over
the air!)

(And by the way, Chuck, could you ask your bosses to
have WROR play the "full length" versions of "Can't
Find the Time to Tell You" and "Piano Man"? :) )

--- Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:

> and speaking of WRKO & Syndication... just what is
> up with Stephanie Miller?  
> she's in the midst of an on-air melt-down.  her show
> has degraded to the 
> point of maybe, and i repeat, maybe one phone call
> in the first hour.  (and 
> it's usually "grunting girl").  she and her staff
> spend an hour (that i hear 
> while on the way into work) making each other laugh.
>  it's sad, really.  they 
> had a very well paced, humorous yet informative
> program working for a 
> while... 
> - -Chuck Igo

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