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Re: Subtle Changes at WBZ

In a message dated 05/18/2000 11:49:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
brian_vita@cssinc.com writes:

<< When I commented that flipping 
 WILD to an Urban Talk format was a bad idea you were mute. >>

actually, brian, i did suggest that considering a talk format was good one.

here's the post:
<<beckwith@ime.net writes:
<< I'm betting either that or they switch to a gold-based music format still
 targeting Greater Boston's black population. >>
 then chuck wrote:
<<isn't this the primary goal of Star 93.7 (WQSX)?  the talk idea seems more 
- -Chuck Igo>>

and irt WRKO... there's no argument from me.  they are a good station just 
waiting to get better.  and if i know their p.d. as well i think i do, 
they'll hit a stride and fly.  their morning show ain't bad.  it's just time 
to find another vehicle for their syndicated midday shows.  (to which i've 
oft refered...)  Boston is where syndication should originate.  
and speaking of WRKO & Syndication... just what is up with Stephanie Miller?  
she's in the midst of an on-air melt-down.  her show has degraded to the 
point of maybe, and i repeat, maybe one phone call in the first hour.  (and 
it's usually "grunting girl").  she and her staff spend an hour (that i hear 
while on the way into work) making each other laugh.  it's sad, really.  they 
had a very well paced, humorous yet informative program working for a 

- -Chuck Igo