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Re: 969FM

On 19 May 2000,  Bill O'Neill wrote:

> A final thought... What have digital tuners done to "surfing the
> dial?" "Scan" is simply not the same.  It's either too discreet,
> picking up every annoyance signal or passing over decent targets. 

I still have a lot of analog radios, but I haven't "surfed the dial" in 
many years.  However, I do know that I used to like to do that on the 
shortwave bands when I had an alalog shortwave radio.  Since I got a Sony 
2010, with a digital display, I haven't done that very often, even though 
it has a tuning knob.  Sometimes, I turn on an old vacuum-tube 
Hallicrafter's with an analog dial when I want to surf.  But as much fun 
as it is, I must concede that the reception for listening is better on the 

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