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Re: Subtle Changes at WBZ

C'mon Chuck.  This is getting personal.  When I commented that flipping 
WILD to an Urban Talk format was a bad idea you were mute.  When I 
commented that WRKO screwed up success, your silence was deafening.  I 
comment on my view that Infinity is committing folly by tinkering with WBZ 
and nary a word from you.  I mention a GM property and all hell breaks loose.

Your perception that I'm holding a grudge against GM is misdirected.  They 
do a number of things fairly well.  Magic has some phenomenal numbers and, 
yes, I listen to it about 20% of the time.  Although I don't listen to 
Country, I'm told that WKLB does a decent job (though I'm told that WOKQ 
has a less "canned" sound).  It appears that WROR is finally establishing 
itself after a period of wavering.  WBOS & WTKK are still in the tank.  I 
wish Shirley well in reviving WBOS though I'm not sure that it can gain 
credibility in its current format having sloshed around too long at the 
bottom.  I'd be inclined to blow up the station, get new calls (while 
warehousing the calls on some other property for a year or two) and do a 
radical format change.  If they want to keep a rock format, stick it on 
96.9.  Perhaps an all-news (WCBS style) format would work on 92.9.

For what its worth, Chuck, here's my car radio for you...

WQSX - WPLM - WKLB (leftover from a friend) - WODS - WROR - WMJX - WRKO - 

For someone that allegedly has a grudge against GM, it appears that they 
are well represented on my radio dial.


At 09:39 PM 5/18/00 -0400, you wrote:
>    President of what?  at this point, it's the "Get A Life Club".  when will
>you cease in your endless, venemous spitting on a pretty damn good company?
>Greater Media made a format change on one of their signals.  They did it a
>while ago.  It was not to your liking.  I think we all know that by now.  At
>this point, it's time to move on, sir.  please.  or get some help.
>     you've often added some very insightful commentary to threads here on 
> the
>list.  But, should someone use the numbers 9, 6 or 9, or letters W, T or K in
>a sentence, ... you are once again a man on a soapbox.

>- -Chuck Igo  (a Greater Media employee not speaking officially for the