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Re: WJTO sign off

In a message dated 5/15/00 1:17:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sven@gordsven.com writes:

<< If Bob turns off WJTO early, and if the FCC gets wind of this, could they
 then restrict his station to daytimer status, since he's not using the
 channel to "it's fullest potential"?

No.   However,  such a power lowering would be reported to the FCC after 10 
days. And even then, no action would be allowed to be taken for quite a 
significant time afterwards.     -     On the 7 PM sign-off.... since JTO is 
a 'daytimer',  and since the rules say that I must broadcast 2/3 of the time 
licensed [time = sunrise to sunset], I could legally sign off at about 4 PM 
even in the summer., and 2 PM in the winter, if I was signing on at 
sunrise.).   -    Ever notice a couple years ago, WNTN signed off at 3:30 
PM... all legal.