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Does anyone have information about the CFRB Toronto - WINS New York signals. 
Perhaps I should clarify... A number of years ago (1988 I believe) I 
vacationed in Cape Cod. During the day, WINS was clearly heard in Hyannis 
but in the evening CFRB was clear. A number of years later, back in 
Cambridge, Ontario (home to a station that could not have picked a worst 
dial position... but I digress) occasionally while listening to CFRB in the 
evening, I can pick out the familiar WINS promos. By the way, I Live less 
than 40 miles from the CFRB transmitter.

I'm curious as to what happened...

>From: Jibguy@aol.com
>To: Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net, fitzradio@map.com, 
>lawyer@world.std.com,        boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org
>Subject: Re: Vikings upset Karmazin
>Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 22:49:08 EDT
>In a message dated 4/27/00 7:19:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net writes:
><< WINS claims to be the most-listened-to
>  station in the New York market, but I don't believe it's the top biller. 
>  think those honors go to WFAN,  >>
>That is correct... WFAN is, by far, the top biller in the nation.  WINS is 
>5th place or something like that, but also significantly less than WFAN.
>And NO, the FCC does not keep billing stats on stations.  That's done by
>privae firms such as Duncan's.

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