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Re: WJTO sign off

In a message dated 5/14/00 11:39:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
lawyer@world.std.com writes:

<< A friend of mine was going up to Maine yesterday, so I told her to check 
 out WJTO.  She says it signed off at 7 PM!

If one is in Salisbury, Ipswich,  Gloucester,  Essex,  Rockport,   Plymouth,  
 Marshfield,   Provincetown,   Orleans,   northern part of upper Cape,   
you can hear WJTO-730 steadily in the daytime.     But don't try it if within 
20 miles of Cambridge, as that 740-thing will splash.

Part of transmitter just blew....  we're now broadcasting at 500 watts, 
instead of the 1,000 big ones.   Will fix soon.

---jibguy (& jtoguy) 
(WJTO-730 is in West Bath, Maine; on the coast (literally):  101 miles 
northeast of Mass/NH border.)